Our internal Pattern Shop makes pattern sets from wood, resin or metal according to the demand generated by the market. Patterns designed and made in ‘Srem’ Foundry are used for the production of castings for the following industries:

  • shipbuilding: cylinder blocks, cylinder liners, gear boxes housing,
  • agriculture and building construction: counterweights, supports,
  • industrial fittings: valves housings, covers, wedges,
  • CNC machines: machining centers, headstocks, supports.

Maximum patterns dimensions:

  • wooden – 3,500×3,000×2,000/2,000 (mm) and maximum diameter 3,600mm,
  • resin – 2,500×2,500×1,000 (mm),
  • metal – 750x600x250 (mm) and diameter 600×250 (mm).
  • In case of building joint wooden pattern its length can reach 14,000 mm.

Metal patterns are made with vertical CNC machining center DMC 1035 V Ecoline, CNC machine tools FYN50 – Jafo (maximum dimensions of parts- 600 x 500 x 130 mm), milling-tracing machines FWR 40 Jafo, MH 1,000 MAHO (maximum dimensions of parts – 1,000 x 700 x 500 mm), milling copier KF3F and milling engraving machine GK 21 Deckel Germany as well as a coordinate boring machine 2B 460-CCCP.



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