Automatic Moulding line

A modern moulding line Savelli F1 Formimpress and a sand processing plant, also produced by the Italian company Savelli was recently installed.  This new equipment is used for serial production. The new installation also included  a new furnace for pouring into moulds, blasters, painting shop and CNC ready milling machines.

The parameters of the new moulding line are as follows:

  1. The measurements of the moulding boxes: 1000x800x350/350 mm
  2. Maximum casting weight – 180 kg
  3. Moulding speed – 110 moulds/h
  4. Sand processing – 120 ton/h


In addition to the automatic moulding line, new casting machining equipment was also recently installed. Modern machines by DMG/Mori, a long-standing customer of the Śrem Iron Foundry, will help to increase the competitiveness of the Śrem foundry and make our offer more attractive.

NHX 6300 – modern 4-axis horizontal machining centre;


CTX 510 Ecoline – two milling machines with a machining diameter of up to 465 mm;


DMC 1035 V Ecoline – efficient machine tool for metal and resin patterns;


DIXI 410 – second-hand 4-axis machining centre;


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