implements a project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020

“Innovative, using ATD thermal analysis, technology for the production of self-feeding, high-quality cast iron for the production of new generation castings with improved quality parameters”

Goals of the project:

The goal of the project is to develop a new casting technology based on the cooling curve of automated cast iron, which use will eliminate the disadvantages of casting technology currently used in the world, with particular emphasis on eliminating: Chunky degenerated graphite, riser heads and feeders.

Expected results:

Implementation of new gray and nodular iron casting with increased quality parameters that will be dedicated to the automotive, shipbuilding and energy industry, agricultural machinery.


The implementation of the project will allow new products to reach unprecedented characteristics in the field of:

  • reduction of the content of the degenerated Chunky graphite,
  • reduction of the porosity,
  • increased strength,
  • increased the yield point,
  • increased elongation,


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